Fly Tipping Clearance in Essex

At Essex Waste & Demolition Solutions, we take pride in the fact that our rubbish and waste clearances are handled professionally and above all, responsibly.

Unfortunately, there are both companies and of course individuals out there who don't take as much care when it comes to getting disposing of their waste.

For the third year running, the UK has been subjected to rising fly tipping costs, with an estimated £50m cost to the tax payer and over 900,000 reported cases.

Removing Fly Tipped Rubbish in Essex

Our domestic waste clearance services are available should you find yourself a victim of illegal rubbish dumping across the whole of Essex. We'll work with local councils and government bodies to make sure that the waste is professionally collected and responsibly disposed of.

Full Fly Tipped Site Clearance in Essex

Our commercial rubbish removal services are perfect for helping local Essex companies get rid of illegally dumped rubbish and we'll make sure the waste is professionally collected and loaded as well as responsibly disposed of.

Our waste disposal service is available 6 days a week and our team are friendly and professional. Whatever the size of waste collection, we are on hand to help.